Streamlining BEPS Pillar Two Reporting with AIS Consulting and CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax.

Meet Your BEPS Pillar Two Obligations with Confidence.

Multinational corporations are facing a crucial deadline for complying with the OECD’s BEPS Pillar Two model rules. These regulations impact the heart of financial close and consolidation processes. To ensure timely compliance, finance and tax departments must assess the potential effects and address data collection requirements promptly.

CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax offers a comprehensive solution to ease the transition to BEPS Pillar Two reporting. Our end-to-end BEPS Pillar Two process simplifies data collection, calculations, reporting, Country-by-Country Reporting (CbCR), planning, and performance management, all aligned with OECD guidance. This purpose-built workflow harmonises tax requirements with local financial close and group consolidation processes, ensuring seamless compliance.

3 Ways CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax Empowers Your Business.

Rapid Compliance with BEPS Pillar Two.

Visualise the impact of BEPS Pillar Two on your business effortlessly. Our powerful processing engine automates global data collection, analysis, complex calculations, and reporting. Harmonise new data points for consistency and accuracy.
Streamlined Finance-Tax End-to-End Process
Efficiently manage corporate legal structures through a guided BEPS Pillar Two workflow. Designed for flexibility, finance users can configure a global tax process based on local adjustments.
Risk Mitigation and Accelerated Implementation
Transform tax into a strategic advantage. Analyse various tax scenarios, monitor your overall tax position, and minimise potential impacts effectively.

“We’re proud that our new CCH Tagetik Global Minimum Tax solution has been named New Product of the Year from the BIG Awards for Business. This recognition reinforces that, as CFOs continue to face evolving regulatory and reporting challenges, they can trust Wolters Kluwer to continue to invest in the development of innovative, agile, user-friendly technology that empowers them to gain visibility into, connect and analyse enterprise-wide data in new and powerful ways.”

Ralf Gärtner

Senior Vice President and General Manager of Corporate Performance Solutions, Wolters Kluwer.

Freeing Your Teams from Reporting Burdens.

Pillar Two obligations can strain tax teams reliant upon isolated tax systems. Our top-down approach connects tax to consolidation, facilitating enterprise-wide tax reporting. • Automatically collect, aggregate, and store data. • Easily map Pillar Two calculation objects. • Align tax and finance teams to accelerate the financial close. • Automatically calculate top-up tax. • Allocate tax amounts to impacted entities.

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Guiding Business Strategy with Tax Insights.

Compliance with BEPS Pillar Two extends your current tax system. It involves adapting internal processes to accurately reflect your tax position in financial statements. CCH Tagetik equips you with planning intelligence to simulate tax impacts and adjust plans accordingly.

• Report CbCR & Pillar Two data.
• Enhance collaboration with back & forth posting.
• Maintain audit readiness with a log of past versions and processes.
• Configure workflows, responsibilities, and deadlines.
• Test cash, ETR, and SH scenarios with simulations.

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Time is running out for multinational corporations to comply with OECD’s BEPS Pillar Two.

Turn the burden of tax management into a competitive advantage.

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