Transform your Group Finance operations with state-of-the-art technology and streamline your financial close process using CCH Tagetik’s cutting-edge consolidation software. Experience efficient management consolidation, statutory consolidation, and legal consolidation with ease. Book a consolidation and reporting software consultation today.

Elevate Group Finance with cutting-edge technology and expedite your financial close process.

Revolutionise Your Finance Operations with Smart Technology using consolidation software.
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Elevate Your Strategies with AIS Consulting: Harness Consolidation Excellence through CCH Tagetik consolidation software.

Step into the future of finance with AIS Consulting as your guide. Embrace a seamless and transformative journey as we revolutionise your consolidation and reporting processes through cutting-edge digital solutions. Say goodbye to manual complexities and hello to streamlined efficiency, empowered decision-making, and a competitive edge in the market. Join us today and unlock a new era of financial excellence.

“Modernise your consolidation tools. Manage multiple entities – automatically – in a single system. With rich consolidation intelligence, CCH Tagetik consolidation software takes care of the complexity so you can accelerate the close and consolidation process across all business entities”
Streamlined Multi-Entity Consolidation with CCH Tagetik.
  • Simplify complex consolidation
  • Automate multi-entity management
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Save time with automation
  • Stay compliant with IFRS, GAAP, and more
  • Gain transparency and data governance
Efficient Global Financial Close Automation with CCH Tagetik.
  • Streamline global financial close processes
  • Automate intercompany eliminations and equity adjustments
  • Handle complex organisational structures effortlessly
  • Perform on-the-fly multi-currency conversions
  • Ensure compliance with multiple accounting standards
3 reasons why CCH Tagetik Financial Close and Consolidation software empowers your business focus.

Discover how AIS Consulting and CCH Tagetik consolidation software can transform your financial processes, streamline consolidation and reporting, and help you navigate the complex world of finance effortlessly. Our experts are here to guide you through the journey towards financial excellence.

Unanimously acclaimed by analysts, CCH Tagetik stands tall as the unrivaled market leader in FP&A, Fast Close, and Consolidation and Reporting.

Read what Tagetik customers have to say.

In just a few weeks, two people were able to build a standard planning environment that we could use to consolidate a minimal data set, generate budgeted balanced sheets and P&L statements, and analyse them from any angle.

Head of Business Informatics, Raiffeisen Bank International AG.

The process of preparing and reconciling statutory and management consolidation is now considerably faster.

Central Consolidation and Group Accounting Department at Vorwerk.

We were able to implement a comprehensive consolidation and reporting solution in just 14 weeks.

Coordinator of the Accounting Department of Accounting and Retail Services at Credito Agricola Group.

CCH Tagetik serves as a transformative digital finance platform, automating tasks such as account reconciliation, management consolidation, and statutory disclosures.

Elevate your financial operations with the game-changing capabilities of CCH Tagetik’s digital finance platform. Seamlessly automate critical tasks like account reconciliation, management consolidation, and statutory disclosures, freeing up valuable time and resources for strategic pursuits. Experience a new era of efficiency and precision that reshapes the way you do finance.

Exploring Ways to Enhance Your Finance Systems?

Your Business Financial Consolidation Journey.

Experience the remarkable potential of a single point of truth with CCH Tagetik consolidation software. Revolutionise your financial consolidation and reporting process by automating critical tasks, including trial balance imports, inter-company reconciliations, journal entries, and reporting—all within a user-friendly platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these frequently asked questions to gain a deeper understanding of how CCH Tagetik’s robust consolidation software simplifies financial close and consolidation and reporting processes. From defining financial close to deciphering consolidated financial statements, we provide insights into how our solution streamlines complex tasks, ensures compliance, and delivers advanced consolidation intelligence. Discover how CCH Tagetik empowers your organisation to manage financial data efficiently and make informed decisions.

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What is financial close with CCH Tagetik?

Financial close with CCH Tagetik marks the conclusion of the accounting period, where our software empowers finance teams to efficiently close the books and prepare financial documents for consolidation and reporting. It ensures accuracy in accounting for all transactions and captures gross and net balances within financial records, streamlining the consolidation process.

How does CCH Tagetik handle consolidated financial statements?

CCH Tagetik simplifies the creation of consolidated financial statements by seamlessly combining assets, liabilities, income, expenses, cash flows, and equity from parent companies and subsidiaries. Our software enables a comprehensive view of the parent company’s overall performance, eliminating the complexities of consolidating entities operating in different regions, reporting languages, and currencies. We ensure that intra-group transactions and balances are eliminated to present a true and fair evaluation of the entire enterprise.

What are consolidated management statements with CCH Tagetik?

CCH Tagetik’s consolidated management statements provide a holistic view of a group of companies as a single enterprise. These statements serve both regulatory compliance and managerial analysis purposes. Our software allows report creators to incorporate extra-accounting information, such as quantitative data on sales, production, purchases, or KPIs, along with financial data. With CCH Tagetik, you can efficiently analyse data on a monthly or quarterly basis, enabling quick consolidation and integration of data with manual adjustments.

What is statutory and management consolidation and reporting with CCH Tagetik?

Statutory and management consolidation, facilitated by CCH Tagetik, involves closing the books, collecting data, and consolidating financials to generate reports for regulatory and managerial purposes. Our software ensures compliance with IFRS and US GAAP standards, enabling companies to create reports that meet both regulatory and internal disclosure requirements. In mergers and acquisitions, CCH Tagetik can assist in scenarios where two businesses merge to form a new entity while adhering to consolidation principles. Financial consolidation with CCH Tagetik aligns with IAS 27, presenting the group’s financial statements as those of a single economic entity.

How does CCH Tagetik enhance reconciliations management?

CCH Tagetik revolutionises reconciliations management by automating the process of comparing two sets of records to ensure accuracy and alignment. Our software eliminates the manual and time-consuming aspects of reconciliations by offering features like automated matching and exception handling. Companies no longer need to rely on manual spreadsheet or paper-based reconciliations, making the process faster and more efficient. CCH Tagetik supports organisations of all sizes, operating in various regions and industries, by providing a streamlined and accurate solution for reconciliations management.

Satisfied CCH Tagetik Customers.

EVAPCO is a global manufacturer of heat transfer solutions. EVAPCO operate 30 different companies around the world and trade in 12 different currencies.

With CCH Tagetik, now EVAPCO has an integrated solution that allows them to have more consistent information.

Driving change: The digital transformation story of Stella International

Discover how Stella International leveraged the CCH® Tagetik tool for their digital transformation, streamlining operations and unlocking data-driven insights.

Employee planning in professional services.

Estimate a practice group’s profitability by determining resource-related expenses and allocating employee activities. Plan for fee income, expense, and salaries using granular professional services drivers, like billing rates for service type or hours billed to client projects.