Welcome to the AIS Consulting, where finance and performance management converge seamlessly with the power of CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management Software. Our platform integrates expert solutions with predictive intelligence and an open architecture, effortlessly bridging the gap between finance and operations. With CCH Tagetik’s award-winning Finance Transformation Platform, supercharged by the Analytic Information Hub, you can accelerate financial close processes, enhance planning agility, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Experience the cloud advantage for cost savings and flexibility without compromise. AIS Consulting and CCH Tagetik are your trusted partners in achieving excellence in corporate performance management.

Elevate Your Finance Function to Unprecedented Heights with Corporate Performance Management Software.

Ignite Transformation and Cultivate Cutting-Edge Digital Skills within the Finance Sector.
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Implement Digital Finance & aESG & Sustainability strategies with AIS Consulting Corporate Performance Management Software and improve “Data IQ” within your Finance team.

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How It Works.

Are you ready to explore how AIS can revolutionise your financial consolidation and reporting processes with the CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform? Follow these four simple steps to get started:

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Step 1: Discover the Software.

Start your exploration by reviewing our website and downloading our Free White Papers. These comprehensive resources offer valuable insights into how CCH Tagetik software can enhance your business. Discover the advantages of automation in financial reporting, and unlock the potential for improved productivity and returns on your software investment.

Step 2: Let’s Connect.

Once you’ve gained a deeper understanding of the possibilities with CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management Software, it’s time for us to connect. We’ll reach out to you to discuss the specific pain and issues you face and how AIS can assist you in overcoming your challenges and achieving your objectives. Our experienced team is here to answer your questions and provide tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.

Step 3: Consultation & Demo.

At this stage, we’ll schedule a consultation, which serves as the discovery phase, followed by a personalised software demonstration. During the consultation, our experts will delve deeper into your specific requirements. In the demo session that follows, we’ll play back what you’ve shared with us, showcasing how CCH Tagetik’s automation capabilities can be tailored to align seamlessly with your unique business processes. This interactive session is crafted to offer you a comprehensive understanding of how automation can enhance the efficiency of your financial consolidation and close, planning, budgeting & forecasting and ESG & sustainability reporting processes.

Step 4: Introduce Automation & Reap the Rewards.

With your solution selected, it’s time to introduce automation to your business. Our team will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition. As automation takes hold in your financial consolidation & close, planning, budgeting & forecasting and ESG & Sustainability reporting workflows, you’ll begin to experience increased efficiency, reduced errors, and significant cost savings. The rewards of this transformation will become evident as you unlock the full potential of your software investment.

By following these four steps, you’ll be on your way to harnessing the power of automation with AIS and CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management Software, ultimately optimising your financial consolidation & close, planning, budgeting & forecasting and ESG & Sustainability reporting for greater success. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey.

Unveiling the Advantages for Your Finance and ESG & Sustainability reporting teams with CCH Tagetik CPM Platform:

Experience the Power of CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management Software – Your All-in-One Solution for Planning, Performance Management, and Regulatory Reporting (including ESG & Sustainability Reporting, IFRS16 and more).

Empowering your Finance, ESG & Sustainability Reporting teams to achieve unparalleled autonomy while seamlessly harmonising your data, processes, and systems.

Explore the Dynamic “ESG Reporting Landscape”: Discover an Ever-Growing Network of Organisations, Initiatives, and Frameworks. Join us in Uniting Efforts for Enhanced Alignment and Harmoniszation. Enquire Now to Learn More!

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Reimagine your financial close cycle, shaving off days of manual work, through our partnership featuring CCT Tagetik Account Reconciliation. Streamline your operations, recapture valuable time, and click now to unveil unparalleled possibilities for efficiency enhancement.

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Elevate Your Operations with AIS Consulting: Embrace digital transformation as we revolutionise your consolidation and reporting processes. Click now to embark on a journey towards streamlined efficiency and enhanced performance.

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Dive into a world of Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting capabilities powered by CCH Tagetik. Click now to embark on a journey towards empowered financial strategies and enhanced tools.

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Elevate your financial planning to the next level with Advanced Finance Planning. Harness the power of precise forecasts and enhanced cost predictions. Effortlessly handle large datasets, empowering your organisation with data-driven insights for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced predictive planning and forecasting.

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Harness the full spectrum of Operational Planning possibilities with our expertise. Click now to step into a realm of optimised processes and empowered decision-making tools.

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Elevate your perspective through Upgraded Management Reporting solutions crafted by us. Click now to embark on a journey toward enhanced data visualisation and more informed decision-making.

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The story behind

“As the complexity of the INTO Group continued to increase, we knew that a solution was needed for consolidation, reporting and planning in one unified platform that could also be used to provide better scenario planning and quicker reporting. We are pleased to have started this journey with CCH Tagetik and are confident that this was the right choice both for the challenges we were looking to solve but also as a partner to help us in other areas as needed”

CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management Software: A Top FP&A, Fast Close & Consolidation and ESG & Sustainability Reporting Leader, as Confirmed by Analysts.

“Replaced 6 month budget cycle with 3 week quarterly rolling forecasts”

Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Better commercial insight across the business providing one version of the truth”

UK Food Manufacturer Company

“Enabled us to streamline and consolidate our business processes”

Central Government

“Enhanced consolidation and reporting enabled a leaner head office function”

Global Services Company

“Improved forecast accuracy to 98%”

Global Food & Beverages Company

“2 day consolidation process, finance packs reported in 8 days”


Global Engineering Company

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At AIS Consulting, we believe in a straightforward approach to addressing your finance system needs. Our focus is on delivering practical solutions that truly work for your organisation.

When you sign up for a demo with us, you’re taking the first step toward achieving finance excellence. Our experienced team has over 20 years of success in delivering finance and ESG & sustainability reporting projects, and we bring this wealth of knowledge to every engagement. With a structured methodology founded on finance process design, technical excellence, project management, and effective communication, we ensure that your finance project is set up for success from day one.