AIS Consulting offers comprehensive support for Global Compact Reporting, empowering organisations to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability reporting effortlessly. With CCH Tagetik‘s powerful capabilities, we enable seamless compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), encompassing various critical aspects such as human rights, labor, environmental concerns, and anti-corruption efforts. Our expertise ensures that you can effectively address all 17 SDGs and 169 indicators, streamlining your sustainability reporting process while demonstrating your commitment to global sustainability and responsible corporate citizenship. 

Simplify Your Global Compact Reporting with CCH Tagetik.

Elevate Your UN Global Compact Reporting with CCH Tagetik.

Effortlessly Adopt UN Global Compact Reporting, One Step at a Time The UN Sustainable Development Goals encompass a wide range of critical objectives, spanning human rights, labour, environmental concerns, and anti-corruption efforts. These SDGs serve as overarching benchmarks that hold significance at the national level for member countries.

With a total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals, this framework includes 169 indicators that provide a standardised approach to reporting across these vital areas.

Inspiring Corporate Action.

The UN Global Compact was established with the aim of spurring corporate action.

To tackle these obstacles, the UN Global Compact encourages businesses to:

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For businesses, the UN Global Compact offers ten principles that span human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. These principles serve as a unified and consistent framework, aligning with SDGs, GRI indicators, and various other standards, facilitating coherent reporting practices for companies across diverse sectors.

What global compact reporting requirements do businesses have?
  1. The CEO Statement of Continued Support publicly reaffirms your company’s unwavering dedication to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact at the highest organisational level.
  2. Companies are expected to complete a standardised CoP Questionnaire, which focuses on five disclosure areas, aiding participating organisations in monitoring their performance across the Ten Principles.
  3. There is no penalty for failing to submit a 2023 CoP and participant status will not be affected. The CoP will be mandatory for participants in 2024 and beyond. Participants who fail to submit a 2024 CoP will be ‘Delisted’ as of 1 January 2025.
How can CCH Tagetik assist you in meeting these requirements?

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