Getting Started with AIS: Your ESG Reporting Companion.

Welcome to Your Sustainability Reporting Transformation.

Are you ready to take the reins of your ESG and sustainability reporting? AIS is here to empower you with the essential tools and digital expertise, allowing you to manage the process seamlessly in-house.

Why AIS?

Discover the AIS advantage as we guide you through the journey:

To tackle these obstacles, the UN Global Compact encourages businesses to:

“Modernise your consolidation tools. Manage multiple entities – automatically – in a single system. With rich consolidation intelligence, CCH Tagetik takes care of the complexity so you can accelerate the close and consolidation process across all business entities”

Whilst CCH Tagetik Close & Consolidation and Planning Budgeting & Forecasting are leaders across all the leading analyst surveys, CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability Reporting is already award winning and has been called out as a leader by Verdantex and Dresner and was recognised in the recent Gartner market guid for ESG Management & Reporting Software.

Your Current Landscape: Simplified
Understand the current reporting landscape and set the stage for success:
  1. Framework Convergence, Not Change: Frameworks are converging, simplifying the reporting landscape.
  2. Unified Data Requirements: Dive into reporting with confidence as there’s significant overlap in data needs across various frameworks.
  3. Systematic Gap Identification: Let AIS guide you in systematically identifying and addressing data gaps to build a robust reporting foundation.
  4. Best Practices Integration: Align your processes with the best practices for both regulatory reporting and performance management.
How AIS Supports You

Quick Time Investment

Embark on your sustainability journey with just a few days of our time and a few hours of yours.

Explore Cutting-Edge Reporting Systems

Discover the power of Wolters Kluwers ESG reporting solutions. Gain insights into project workflows, deliverables, and associated costs.

Ready for the First Step?

Book a one-hour discovery meeting with us. Let’s learn more about your unique needs and provide tailored guidance on how AIS can kickstart your sustainability reporting journey.

Get ready to transform your reporting experience with AIS – where sustainability reporting meets innovation. Let’s start this exciting journey together!

Satisfied CCH Tagetik Customers.

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Employee planning in professional services.

Estimate a practice group’s profitability by determining resource related expenses and allocating employee activities. Plan for fee income, expense, and salaries using granular professional services drivers, like billing rates for service type or hours billed to client projects.

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