As group companies increase in size and complexity – they reach a point where Group reporting software is needed. Also, the scope of Group financial reporting is changing. It’s no longer just a straightforward process – we need to consolidate forecasts more frequently, more management information and have an instant line of sight to operational analysis. Having spent the last 20 years delivering hundreds of projects for group finance teams globally, there are some common factors that determine how successful a technology project will be. Join us on the 16th of March to discover the key drivers of success and practically understand what questions you should be asking and why when looking at new group finance tools.  We’ll look at:

  • What value benefits you should expect when implementing new group finance software
  • What criteria should you be evaluating and how do they drive value
  • How you can measure how effective software will be for your organisation

 We’ll draw on past experience illustrating with case studies and discussing real-life issues and how they can be managed.