Get Leaner Group Finance Processes Through Automation

Automating finance and related business processes is essential if you want to keep up with the competition – but just what is it that makes it so invaluable? 

*A recent PWC survey of Finance leaders highlights the importance of finance automation as it helps finance teams to reduce
  • 30-40% of their process time 
  • Gives back 75% or more time to the financial analysts to develop insights 
  • Staged improvements in the process help increase finance’s contribution to the   business growth
Group Finance is required to do more with fewer people while working remotely.  Finance Automation enables finance teams to rise up to these challenges.  In this webinar, we discuss how to best automate consolidation and planning processes.  We will focus on: 
  • Key techniques for achieving  lean finance processes
  • Which group finance activities should be automated in actuals, budget and forecast consolidation 
  • An illustration of how technology can support automation in group finance 

What do you take away from the 40 mins you invest with us?

You’ll get a real world view of how to gain the most out of your automation projects using modern group finance software and we’ll illustrate how this works using CCH Tagetik’s modern finance platform.