Oracle HFM Replacement with CCH Tagetik

Oracle HFM Replacement with CCH Tagetik

Please watch the case study videos to hear real life experiences of a migration from Oracle HFM to CCH Tagetik.

Generali Group chose CCH Tagetik as a global application at the corporate level to centralize and streamline all the Corporate Performance Management activities. Then, Europ Assistance followed the same path. In doing so, fostering consistency between the group and local applications for Consolidation, Reporting and Budgeting.

As part of the journey, Europ Assistance discovered that CCH Tagetik could take them to the next level. It could take them to new dimensions and helping them achieve things that they could not do before. The discovered the benefits that could be reached when migrating from legacy Oracle HFM to the modern finance platform CCH Tagetik.

“We have a lot of new entities to manage. We are always selling entities and buying new ones. The other big challenge we face is that we are a group within an insurance group, Generali. New requirements are always coming out, along with statutory and regulatory changes. We have to adapt to new requirements each quarter.”

Head of the Consolidation

So, please watch this video to hear how CCH Tagetik transformed finance for EuropAssistance and Generali

HFM to CCH Tagetik

In the next episode, watch this video below for details of where CCH Tagetik vastly improved things compared to the old HFM system.

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