Do you want a Tagetik expert in your finance team?

Having the right support can make a huge difference to you new finance processes and system. 

We understand that you don’t want a consulting partner that implements and then disappears – but one you will commit to you and help you get the most from your investment.

If you are thinking of implementing CCH Tagetik and want to understand support options or if you have already implemented and things are not running quite as smoothly as they might…then discover how we can help you:

Thinking of implementing and want to understand support options:

Technical support

CCH Tagetik’s technical and cloud support teams look after all technical issues – be it bugs, patch updates, cloud issues or increasing resources to boost performance. With a team of Tagetik experts at your disposal you are in good hands

Application support

Once your system is implemented you will need to maintain things: new accounts, new reports etc. Normally our customers can do these things themselves but we are at hand to support your application if something a little more complex is needed.

AIS provide flexible options for application support. From dedicated resources to actively manage your planning and reporting processes to blocks of support hours for those unplanned and adhoc requests that crop up every now and then.

If you already have CCH Tagetik and are looking to improve things:

CCH Tagetik healthcheck

If your CCH Tagetik processes are a little clunky and you need things streamlined then our CCH Tagetik health check will help you.

We’ll focus on your problem areas and advise you of enhancements – following a short workshop we’ll provide a report with recommendations and explanations prioritised by value benefits and costs

Product updates

If you have CCH Tagetik and are interested in the art of the possible – then a product update workshop will give you a good overview of the latest and greatest areas and also what is coming in the roadmap.