CCH Tagetik goes native with SAP HANA

CCH Tagetik goes native with SAP HANA

Could CCH Tagetik be the future of CFO solutions running on SAP HANA?

Often companies running SAP will consider best of breed solutions for their corporate planning and reporting. In this case, the partnership with CCH Tagetik means Tagetik runs natively within a HANA landscape. Therefore, this helps companies to get the most from their HANA investment. Specifically, they do this by combining finance friendly Tagetik with the power of HANA. With its future roadmap and easy upgrades, CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA is the ultimate performance management platform. By extending your SAP solution, you’ll lower your total cost of ownership, and increase your return on investment .

  • Leverage investment in SAP
  • Improve decision making with real-time reporting
  • Anticipate the future with predictive analytics
  • Long-term roadmap and partnership
  • Be ready for SAP HANA today

To find out more, watch the video to get an overview of how CCH Tagetik works on SAP HANA and SAP Analytics cloud.

The above video is from CCH Tagetik. How about SAP’s perspective? You may feel its counterproductive for SAP to endorse a software that competes with its own. However, in a very pragmatic fashion, SAP wants to provide options to its customers to suit every specific need – and CCH Tagetik can do this.

Why not listen to the video below which is from SAP – hear in theor words why they recommend CCH Tagetik running on SAP.

Interview with Stefan Kosters Senior Director SAP

If you are running SAP and would like to see how CCH Tagetik can turbo charge your Finance teams then join our SAP evaluation workshop. In this workshop we get a view of your SAP and non-SAP systems and design a future roadmap with CCH Tagetik. This helps you to understand the out of the box benefits from using CCH Tagetik on SAP. Furthermore, you will see how the CCH Tagetik product roadmap aligns to SAP roadmap over the next 7 years.