CCH Tagetik: Continuous Improvement

Getting the absolute most from your CCH Tagetik investment

The initial project implementation addresses the immediate needs and musts of a companies finance management overhaul and now is the time to truly get the most for your business through a process of training, knowledge sharing and supporting incremental projects.

We are here for you

This service is not just for our existing clients, but any finance office with a CCH Tagetik installation.
▸ Health Check
▸ Upgrades
▸ Art of the Possible Workshop

The Health Check

If your current CCH Tagetik processes are clunky a system health check can help to improve things. Our technical team can give your installation a tune-up – often small changes can make a big difference.

Art of the Possible Workshop

Understand what is possible with CCH Tagetik. We’ll help you understand all the tools you have available and which ones will add value. Become a CCH Tagetik Expert.

CCH Tagetik Upgrades

get the latest developments – simple add-ons can extend CCH Tagetik to improve many areas in finance. Use the form below to sign up for news and updates.

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