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The AIS Consulting Approach

AIS Consulting leverages its 20 years of experience packaged into best practices and a tried and tested implementation framework to ensure the success of your Finance Project. Our Consulting framework is based on the following eight pillars. 


Strategic Planning

Align your planning and reporting to your business goals by identifying your risks and having the tools to mitigate them.



Align your planning and reporting to your business goals by identifying your risks and having the tools to mitigate them.

Financial Forecasting


Execute financial operations optimally with aligned teams, systems and processes. Save costs and increase efficiency as a result.

Financial Consolidation


From local close to group consolidation, remove the delays and manual processes that hold your finance team back from fast and accurate consolidation and reporting.


Reporting and Analysis

Is the finance team wasting time in collecting the data rather than analysing it. Analyse company performance from a high level or find the devil in the detail with powerful reporting and analysis.


Process Controls

Execute financial operations optimally with aligned teams, systems and processes. Save costs and increase efficiency as a result.

Financial Technology

Ease of use

Reduce the time the finance teams in learning new systems and make adoption quick with intuitive user interfaces and proper training.



One Unified Corporate Performance platform that reduces risk and also optimises cost by bringing planning, consolidation and reporting on one platform.


Set out on the right Foot

The CPM analyser is a strategic framework that helped us work out the best way forward to improve our finance processes -a useful tool before embarking on any projects”, James Downey, Northern Rail Head of Financial Planning

Why Choose AIS Consulting ?

  • Ensure the success of your finance project by leveraging from our experience and
  • Get best return on finance investment
  • Mitigate risk of project failure
  • Implement with confidence of best practices
  • Keep updated on latest upgrades and product plans

What To Expect from Our Consulting Workshop

We value your time and hence all our consulting workshops are designed to gurantee the success of your Finance project. This time spent upfront sets you on the right foot to ensure your finance project is implemented in time to achieve your business goals. 

The consulting exercise follows three simple steps:

  • Pre- project questionnaire which we request you to fill out or can help you to fill out as well. 
  • Meeting face to face for a hands-on workshop to understand your objectives and analyse how your existing systems support you or identify gaps.
  • Takeaway a project blueprint that guarantees success of your finance project


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are exploring whether a new system can help to improve your planning, consolidation and reporting processes, and you want to have a framework for evaluation and get a better understanding of the benefits you can achieve then this will be useful for you.

At AIS we work with different vendors but ultimately this process is agnostic of technology and can be applied to any technology you may wish to evaluate in the future.


We focus on best practices in Planning and Reporting and carry out an AS IS / TO BE analysis.

Planning covers strategic, financial and operational plans and a key focus is how we can integrate these different plans across your organisation to bring better consistency and integrity with any plan numbers or commentary. Planning is a blanket term including strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and business simulations.

Reporting covers operational performance, management and statutory reporting across the group. We explore options for better business intelligence reporting, predictive analytics and scorecard visualisations.

The concepts we cover are based on the adoption of generally accepted best practices and in helping you move towards integrated business planning and reporting processes.


There is no fee. You will get over GBP 5,000 in free consulting from AIS for us to go through this process with you. And the tools and materials you receive have a significantly higher value attached were you to go through a big 4 firm on a similar exercise. If you are looking to run a project to improve finance then this is an easy decision – you get a significant armoury of insight and value for the time you put in.


We normally schedule a 2 hour web meeting (or face to face meeting). This is normally sufficient for you to get a big picture view and for us to get enough information to compile your business case report. We are flexible though. So if you need more detail or a focus on s specific areas then we can have a separate session to accommodate this.

Anyone from the office of finance who is charged with looking at improvements or finance process owners in the areas that you are looking to improve. IT or systems team members will also find this useful.


We will look at finance operations from the eight perspectives mentioned above so you get real insights into how you can improve existing processes. You will take valuable insights, action point to implement straight away and a business case for implementing improvements to share with your colleagues.

Yes. You need to complete the pre-implementation questionnaire. This normally takes about 30 minutes and we can schedule a call to do this with you or to review ahead of the workshop.

Why do we have a pre-implementation questionnaire to complete? It saves time and helps us focus on the right areas in the workshop.