Get the best return from your SAP investment with CCH Tagetik

Leverage advanced analytics with CCH Tagetik on SAP HANA

SAP implementation can be inflexible and rigid to meet changing needs of new age agile and responsive financial teams. CCH Tagetik complements SAP HANA and makes it easy for finance teams to integrate information from SAP and other legacy systems into one version of truth and empower them to perform drill down analysis, planning and forecasting in record times. 

Get real time reporting and insights

Get real time reporting and insights

 Cut close cycle times by 70% or more

Cut close cycle times by 70% or more

Maximise returns from your SAP investment with CCH Tagetik

Maximise returns from your SAP investment with CCH Tagetik

Trusted SAP solution

Why SAP departments recommend CCH Tagetik?

Go beyond a traditional corporate performance management system by integrating with a powerful information analytics hub from CCH Tagetik. Connect Finance and Operational data on one platform to get the complete picture.

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Key Features

Are you ready to transform the finance function with SAP HANA and CCH Tagetik?

AIS specialists have 20 years of experience of SAP implementations and CCH Tagetik. Hence, no surprise that we are the prefer CCH Tagetik partner when it comes SAP BPC and SAP HANA implementations. We are also financial experts hence best placed to take the best from technologies and make it work for your finance teams so they can bring together operational and financial data in one version of truth and conduct in depth financial analysis quickly.  


Certified by SAP ‘powered by SAP HANA’ delivered by AIS

High performance, in-memory technology

Real-time data access and drill-through to granular level.

Integrates with your SAP solutions

Trusted by SAP as an Independent Software Vendor.

Product roadmap & partnership with SAP

Implementing CCH Tagetik with SAP

Get the ultimate performance in a unified CPM solution that’s certified ‘powered by SAP HANA’ using the in-memory platform for real-time reporting and analytics, and a foundation for AI

Ready to transform your Financial Consolidation Process?

Book a health check of your consolidation process and get a free report .

If your current financial consolidation processes are clunky and manual  then a health check can help to improve things. Our team can help you make an assessment of your processes and recommend opportunities to improve– often small changes can make a big difference. 

Key takeaways of the health check –

  • Eight point review including systems, process controls
  • Comprehensive report 
  • Recommendations  for high value quick wins and longer term strategic improvement 

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